My feelings have been quite a force to reckon with since I was a young child. They still are. Every single child I have crossed paths with has had to do the same.

I have found when we are heard, we can work through our emotions in a way that is productive and helpful to ourselves and others

When harsh words are spoken, physical actions have been taken, or tension is in the air, we need the time and space to be heard and explain why we have acted in that manner. If we can help our children learn ways to manage their feelings and actions through restorative practices, we will be able to provide them a gift that they can carry on throughout their lifetime and pass on to others.

When we take the time to let each person speak, share their 'why', and talk through how to either repair a situation or prepare if it presents itself again, we will help children breathe, feel valued, and successful in working through events or situations where they will ideally feel more in control.

Throughout "Nella's Kindness Kicks" and others to come, we will help our children see each character's 'why' and how they can remedy a situation through being kind. My goal is for my stories to model how we all make mistakes, we're all learning how to manage our emotions, but we have the ability to try again with kindness and understanding.