Karine Makartichan | Illustrator

I am beyond lucky to have found Karine. After months and months of looking for an illustrator, I instantly knew she would be able to bring my story to life from her first sketch of Miss J. She has been the most incredible partner and is the epitome of what my book is all about - kindness.

​You can feel her kindness and respect through each and every email she sends. Having jumped into a world that I knew very little about, she reminded me often "to enjoy the journey". Thank you, Karine, for every awesome curl, every incredible character and scene you have brought to life, and every tiny aspect that you have added to make the book even more authentic and original because of how much you care. I am SO grateful for you - may you know ​how special and lovely you are.


Nick DeBlasio of JD Graphic | Printer

I am beyond grateful to Nick DeBlasio, VP of JD Graphic (and the entire DeBlasio Family) for responding to me instantly when I was at a standstill with finding a printer I felt confident with. He instantly and graciously said JD Graphic would be able to help.

Kamila Kedzior was the project lead on my book and was so incredibly kind and intentional with making the book as lovely as possible. 

A million thanks for your kindness, dedication to my product & vision, and an incredibly welcoming and talented team. Because of you, I am so proud to share the final product.